Q&A With Andrew Reynolds About The Reynolds Lights

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Q: how much input did you have in the development of your new shoe, the Reynolds Lights
A:emerica is the best shoe company ever, witch means i designd the shoe exactly how i wanted it.

Q:is there anything special that you look for when you create a new model?
A:Well I definetly want to look down and be happy with the design and with the reynolds lights i used all the S.T.I. Technoligy that was available for my aching feet.

Q:after all of your previous shoe models on emerica what makes this shoe diffrent than the rest?
A:It's way lighter it has no seems on it and its the most tech out of any of my shoes, but still looks simple.

Q:You have the reputation in the industry of skating
huge shit! Does your new shoe, the reynolds lights impact your performance? A: ive noticed that if a shoe is not vulcanized and has a cup sole and if i put an insole in then its good. That is why i created the reynolds lights with so much technoligy. you dont need to add anything to it make it better its already perfect.

Q:Do you think STI technoligy in emerica footwear helps increase the longivity of a skateboarders career?
A: I would say yes, with Emeria insoles, G2 and all that stuff that STI Institute has available for our footwear, my feet honestly hurt less after a session. It sounds crazy but it's true, all the STI shit works

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