Jerru Hsu Pro Model Shoe

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well just got these cuz the Braydon's dont have continuing suede throuh the rubber which i think is pretty standard (and if it isn't it should be) the weird > shape of the rubber and suede just made my kickflips suck. so now i'm with the Hsu's now the one thing i noticed was that in the Hsu's im an 8 but in the Braydon Hi's im an 8.5 anyways the shoe is SUPER comfortable and i'm looking forward to many more great seshes using the shoe. and anyone that reads these will know that I usualy switch shoe models but I think afterwards i'm gonna get the Hsu again. I'm definately psyched about this shoe.

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  1. thats's a nice shoe
    but I think there are allot of shoes that are just like this one but I'll buy it just coz is Hsu's pro model and I wanna suport good skaters.

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