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age: 20
L.A is were i stay.
pushin wood daily.
skating keeps me sane.
straight hookah head.!
swagg is a must!
imma steezy beast.
im as brutal as they come.


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  • thank you'(:

    NONE's Emeritar NONE Posted:
  • haha alrightz when i get home then :))

    K3cY&#39;s&lt;3's Emeritar K3cY's<3 Posted:
  • pretty smooth:) dude i'm all thrashed today:o... Oh i got a new tatto yesterday its pretty tight:))

    K3cY&#39;s&lt;3's Emeritar K3cY's<3 Posted:
  • Ahh thanks a bunchh!:DO that's cool what are you gonna get tatted?:)

    andeeone's Emeritar andeeone Posted:
  • hahah, sick. I so wish I went to that.xp ohh cool deal. what's the most painful piercing you've gotten?

    RAD.'s Emeritar RAD. Posted:
  • yeah, I was suppose to see them at the glasshouse with a bunch of friends but it sold out in two days! hah. I know the person who runs that place nd they couldnt even get me in.XP I'm sure you'll do fine.(x how long have you been peircing for?

    RAD.'s Emeritar RAD. Posted:
  • i know i know AHH,nerve racking!but ive been drawing since i knew how to write my ABC'S so hopefully its all good!(:fingers crossed!

    andeeone's Emeritar andeeone Posted:
  • hah, I was listening to them..thought I'd ask.(x well I want my back dimples peirced..friend of mine wanted to get something too.xp

    RAD.'s Emeritar RAD. Posted:

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