JVC Everio's suck.

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I bought one during christmas, and I filmed some pretty good footy and when I try to upload, it's in this wierd format and MovieMaker won't accept it's because JVC wants you to use there editing programs that you have to pay for. So now I filmed some pretty raw footy with it and now I can't edit it. It's bullshit. I deffinetly don't recommend this camera to anyone, if you go to Target, walmart, etc. to look for camera's and see the Everio don't buy it, get a sony or something. I'm not saying the quality of the camera is bad, its great, and the free converters usually don't convert the format it comes in. So you have to eventually just end up paying for a convrter that is too expensive. So if anyone has the same problem and found out a way to convert it, tell me. Blog Image

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