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i'm jordan, i live in Melbourne, Australia.
i skateboard and i live for it, its fuckin the best thing ever invented.

i also love my girlfriend isabel, she is the best girl i have ever met and i love spending time with her.

i like to hang out with my friends alot and skate as much as i can, coz whenever i'm with my mates they always try heaps of different, new and crazy shit which makes me want to do more new stuff and i guess thats how i kinda learn to get better and learn new tricks...

rusty, ben and chris are my favourites to skate with, they all have their own thing about them that makes them awesome people and skateboarders.
chris is my best friend me and him have done heaps of shit together and i have known him for a long time.
ben lives in garf and that is how i met him. when i moved to garfy with my mum i met some of the g-teamer's and then i met ben, he's fuckin insane and has an awesome skating style.
rusty can pretty much skate anything in his path, he would have to be the best out of our crew at the moment. he has been killing the rail lately, and he will skate anything from stairs, rails, banks, ledges and more... oh yeah, and he does 'sean malto' hard flips haha.

i'm 17 and i hate it coz i'm not 18 yet, but my birthday is in May so hopefully it will come quick so i can start driving round and shit.

peace out X

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(4) responses to: About Me

  1. cool mate.

    AidanRowland's Emeritar AidanRowland Posted:
  2. thats spazzmatronical funkutastic

    rustycansk8's Emeritar rustycansk8 Posted:
  3. oi lets hav sikes thats awesome

    rustycansk8's Emeritar rustycansk8 Posted:
  4. KOOL!!!

    sk8ta-gr1llz's Emeritar sk8ta-gr1llz Posted:

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