Cardiff what a day out.

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Me and a group of friends went down to Cardiff on Tuesday to go and check out some skate spots.We ended up in this estate where we got threatened by some chavs who told us to go away or well get shot,scary.At the end of the day we were at this sweet marble wall right next to a few fountains and my friend Woody messed up on this 5-0 and his deck fell in to the fountain,gutting or what!!!!!Blog Image

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(1) response to: Cardiff what a day out.

  1. lol yeah
    was pritty fucked off

    gd job u had ur skate tool though

    was funny as fuck with the chav
    *(do u no were u are blud)*
    ##(ur gunna get shot)*
    lol was a gd day out mind

    coolasswoody1's Emeritar coolasswoody1 Posted:

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