What a crap day!!!!

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Today me and my friend Woody were skating around our hometown Newport.It was crap I was having such a bad day wasn't landing anything.We went to many of our favorite skate spots.Like the one by skate-x with this concrete quarter,well the other day it this 5-set but the landing needed some work done to it so we gathered up loads of material and improved it and when we went back today to skate it we had found the wood and stuff we laid down was all smashed up.I was so annoyed,and the stupid people that had done it graffiti there names in big letters next to the steps.We also went to Cambrian car park and a security guard started having ago at us so we chopsed back and he was telling us to skate on our own streets(when i live on a main road) and so we took the mick and staid there for another 10mins and he went onto the radio to someone so we thought that we should leave.lol.

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  1. wow

    skatelov's Emeritar skatelov Posted:
  2. dame that suck ive had one of thoughts days

    zumz's Emeritar zumz Posted:
  3. wow, that is a crap day! that sucks

  4. hay is that new port cali?

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