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Go Skateboarding Day in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Some crazy shit was goin' down on saturday everybody from Nyjah Houston to Hector "el Pro" to "Saludin" to Luis Da to Ivan "el cano" to Pito "el negro" to Pito "el alto" to Yariel to Yafet to the little kid that tre flipped "las siete" like it was nothin' whose name i can't remember right now went down there showin' their faces and skillz for da most important day of the year in skateboarding and they were seriously rippin'. Hector "el Pro" had recently come out from a ankle injury and hadn't been skateboarding for several months but he came out swinging in the ledge contest like he was skating for the whole time he was out throwing down a perfect flip to back noselide on the shittiest ledges that anybody has ever thrown down grinds. "Saludin" on the other hand killed it in the manual contest on the statue of Maria de Hostos manual pad and threw down an unforseen inward heel to manual third try that'll probably be the highlight of his career.. hehe nah he's a young little ripper from the Juventud Demente crew that's the "Demented Youth" for you ignorant gringos muthafuckers who refuse to learn spanish ;) anyways Nyjah one-upped "Saludin" tryin' a Nollie Inward Heel in the best trick contest in "las siete" but could never land it or even stick it, it was probably not Nyjah's day or probably he was being nice and not showin' off his real skillz on a amateur contest he could win with his eyes closed. The best trick contest was won by Ivan "el cano" throwin' down one of the sweetest frontside 360's i have ever seen and have ever witnessed being done in the seven or "las siete" how we call it. Oh and by the way Luis Da went crazy landing varial heel, backside ollie north, inward fuckin heel, and almost killed himself tryin' a fakie caballerial but that only gets him some well deserved already earned respect from all the old generation of skaters that know him in Old San Juan and the new younger generation of skaters that are gettin' to know him now and for you fuckers that don't even know about Puerto Rico's skate scene and think were still a third world country still gettin' around in horses and carriages were seriously rippin' and if you don't believe me ask little Nyjah Houston he moved down here for a reason niggasss. peace and remember "loneliness is such a, drag"

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