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  • You're new shoe looks sick! I'm definitely getting a pair!

    romario's Emeritar romario Posted:
  • HEYYY dude!!! Grettings from Canary Islands (spain) Im Figueroa´s like you... so we are family!!! jejeje Keep Rockin

    pegatinaman's Emeritar pegatinaman Posted:
  • What's up, Fig? Favorite skater hands down since day one! Keep thrashin'!

    EmericanHero's Emeritar EmericanHero Posted:
  • Figgy what do you Collin and Dickson listen to? its always the gnarliest shit

    Spencer Backlar's Emeritar Spencer Backlar Posted:
  • Yooooooooo saw you at Back to the Banks 08 and saw you simply crush the banks 9 rail. It was plain and simply too buttery, and you need to lay off for I am afraid that is not good for your cholesterol, lol

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  • Hey figgy I just saw you're firing line in thrasher and I wonder what size od indys do you ride?

    spanish-bastard's Emeritar spanish-bastard Posted:
  • T.C. MixTape Vol.15: #LedgeDancer Starring "TheCrew"!
    Edited By Marquis King And Eric King
    TruClass SkateShop!
    Subscribe Youtube.com/TCMIXTAPETV

    Premiered on The Berrics 1-22-13

    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:
  • TCMT: "Special Day" http://youtu.be/lDzcsobOZl8

    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:

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Justin Figueroa Biography

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Nickname: Figgy.
Date of Birth: April 20, 1990.
Hometown: Irvine, California.
Present home: Irvine, California.
Occupation: Kickball.
Sponsors: Emerica, Altamont Apparel, Baker skateboards, Independent trucks, OJ Wheels, Shakejunt, Active.
Magazine coverage: Skateboarder August 2007 cover.

How and when did you start skating?
When I was a toddler, my father Felix bought me a Nash board with the plastic trucks and wheels.

Who were you skating with at first?
Christopher Gregson and the KO Crueeee!

What terrain were you riding at first?
Mega Ramp.

Who were some early influences on your skating?
Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, so many dudes out there who I look up to.

Do you enjoy skating in contests?
I am not that hyped on contests at all. I don't take them seriously, they are just a good way for all the homies to meet up.

How could contests be improved?
Everybody in the contest should get 100 bones, and the person who slams the hardest gets the most money.

What do you think of skate videos?
Skate videos are awesome. Keep em' coming.

Which are your favorites?
Baker 2G, Dying to Live, Chomp on This.

Do you enjoy shooting video parts?
I think for the most part I enjoy it. I fall a lot, but that;s what keeps you going--kinda like Braveheart.

Do you skate small stuff like curbs and parking bumps?
That's usually what we go film these days, works for everyone.

Why are curbs not allowed in magazines and videos anymore?
I always wonder that. I think if Mike Carrol did a sick front feeble on a curb, it would get used.

Do you skate vert ramps?
I used to go to Vans a lot. We would mess around on the ramp there, like Primos on the flat bottom.

Do you skate backyard pools?
I have before, but nowhere on a regular basis. It's usually just random.

Do you skate skateparks?
I like Santa Ana Park the best, no pads or helmets until the big pig comes. But, I usually just end up skating the etnies park at night.

How could they improve the design of skateparks?
More curbs and parking blocks.

How did you get on Emerica?
Big bad Deville helped me out.

What do you like about Emerica?
Emerica is strictly skateboarding. Ha-ha. They don't fuck around with the cool bro sports.

Who do you skate with now?
I usually skate with Chris Gregson, Shaun Stulz, Collin Provost, Dirty, Jon Demar, Spencer Pollock and Joey Dollin.

What have been the highlights of your skateboarding career?
Traveling is the best. Not going to a public school and having to deal with cool bros and football has been kinda sick, too.

Is there anything in skateboarding you haven't done that you'd like to accomplish?
No Comply the Mega Ramp.

What do you enjoy besides skating?
I like hanging out with Sarah Blue and watching Shay Stulz play guitar.

What music, art, books have you been enjoying lately?
There is a lot of music that I listen to. As of this moment, "Bye Bye, Baby" by Janis Joplin is playing. Books? As soon as I finish reading Robinson Crusoe, I graduate. Last week, I had to paint a picture of the sky, it worked out.

What are your future goals?
I really wanna graduate high school. It's coming quick. I also just wanna skate and have fun, as usual.

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