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Nickname: Figgy.
Date of Birth: April 20, 1990.
Hometown: Irvine, California.
Present home: Irvine, California.
Occupation: Kickball.
Sponsors: Emerica, Altamont Apparel, Baker skateboards, Independent trucks, OJ Wheels, Shakejunt, Active.
Magazine coverage: Skateboarder August 2007 cover.

How and when did you start skating?
When I was a toddler, my father Felix bought me a Nash board with the plastic trucks and wheels.

Who were you skating with at first?
Christopher Gregson and the KO Crueeee!

What terrain were you riding at first?
Mega Ramp.

Who were some early influences on your skating?
Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, so many dudes out there who I look up to.

Do you enjoy skating in contests?
I am not that hyped on contests at all. I don't take them seriously, they are just a good way for all the homies to meet up.

How could contests be improved?
Everybody in the contest should get 100 bones, and the person who slams the hardest gets the most money.

What do you think of skate videos?
Skate videos are awesome. Keep em' coming.

Which are your favorites?
Baker 2G, Dying to Live, Chomp on This.

Do you enjoy shooting video parts?
I think for the most part I enjoy it. I fall a lot, but that;s what keeps you going--kinda like Braveheart.

Do you skate small stuff like curbs and parking bumps?
That's usually what we go film these days, works for everyone.

Why are curbs not allowed in magazines and videos anymore?
I always wonder that. I think if Mike Carrol did a sick front feeble on a curb, it would get used.

Do you skate vert ramps?
I used to go to Vans a lot. We would mess around on the ramp there, like Primos on the flat bottom.

Do you skate backyard pools?
I have before, but nowhere on a regular basis. It's usually just random.

Do you skate skateparks?
I like Santa Ana Park the best, no pads or helmets until the big pig comes. But, I usually just end up skating the etnies park at night.

How could they improve the design of skateparks?
More curbs and parking blocks.

How did you get on Emerica?
Big bad Deville helped me out.

What do you like about Emerica?
Emerica is strictly skateboarding. Ha-ha. They don't fuck around with the cool bro sports.

Who do you skate with now?
I usually skate with Chris Gregson, Shaun Stulz, Collin Provost, Dirty, Jon Demar, Spencer Pollock and Joey Dollin.

What have been the highlights of your skateboarding career?
Traveling is the best. Not going to a public school and having to deal with cool bros and football has been kinda sick, too.

Is there anything in skateboarding you haven't done that you'd like to accomplish?
No Comply the Mega Ramp.

What do you enjoy besides skating?
I like hanging out with Sarah Blue and watching Shay Stulz play guitar.

What music, art, books have you been enjoying lately?
There is a lot of music that I listen to. As of this moment, "Bye Bye, Baby" by Janis Joplin is playing. Books? As soon as I finish reading Robinson Crusoe, I graduate. Last week, I had to paint a picture of the sky, it worked out.

What are your future goals?
I really wanna graduate high school. It's coming quick. I also just wanna skate and have fun, as usual.

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(35) responses to: Justin Figueroa Biography

  1. that was fun to read

    yesidoskate's Emeritar yesidoskate Posted:
  2. hes tall!!!!!!!

    justgosk8's Emeritar justgosk8 Posted:
  3. how fucking tall is he

    timordie9994's Emeritar timordie9994 Posted:
  4. Learning that he is only a month older than me but years ahead of me in skateboarding makes me want to quit right now.
    And by quit I mean go skate.

    tony's Emeritar tony Posted:
  5. figgy is awesome. he used to go to my school before

    almostgood's Emeritar almostgood Posted:


    nicktheboss's Emeritar nicktheboss Posted:
  7. loved your beggining part

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  8. you are sooo SICK!!!! :)

    emericadominicana's Emeritar emericadominicana Posted:
  9. funny
    hes such a sick skater
    and a tall one too

    Delete Me Please's Emeritar Delete Me Please Posted:
  10. lol lets mark this spot...

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  11. nice job dude... nice job

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  12. y did you quit birdhouse mna

    billbold's Emeritar billbold Posted:
  13. Figgy is fucking awesome!! He skates so good, and he has good style. I can't wait to see footage of him skating the mega ramp!!! No comply that bitch figgy. You rock!!!!! And Your Super Tall. Do you know Shaun Gregoire? He lives in my town, i've seen him skate live!! You friggin rock Figgy! Bye.

    ttloveboy's Emeritar ttloveboy Posted:
  14. I HATE TO READ but ok

    sock's Emeritar sock Posted:
  15. u r youngr than i that but u just got youth on your side with amzn sk8 ability so dont stop getitgetit figgy ihope u complete ur goals no comply the mega what a thought make it history dude and im glad i graduated u got a good head keep it tight lik ur sk8n cant wait 2c ur part sk8 2 live

    sk8riddle's Emeritar sk8riddle Posted:
  16. he quite birdhouse to get on baker!he's on the two best and strickly-skateboarding companies in the business. can't wait to see his part in stay gold and death wish

    deezy's Emeritar deezy Posted:
  17. yo i live in santa ana hahhahaha thats cool

    714grizzly's Emeritar 714grizzly Posted:
  18. sick,ur bdays on 420.word

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:
  19. hey anthony digital i feel the same way about david gonzalez :D
    and figgy is freakin crazy yeah, one of my fav skaterrs

    hey steve's Emeritar hey steve Posted:
  20. haha it just so happens that mike carroll did a front feeble on a curb in fuly flared
    haha dur

    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:
  21. damn, your 2 years older than me and like 500 times better, i havent worked my way up to curbs yet, but one day, i mean my friend started waxing this curb and im looking foward to trying a mean nose slide on it, haha, yea, you should definitely graduate highschool, its the smartest decision you could make, and I have that skateboarder mag of your crazy fs feeble on that monster rail. that was sick. keep shredding dude, you got steeze and a half, haha

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  22. good luuck no complying the mega, seems ALMOST impossible

    uber-karen's Emeritar uber-karen Posted:
  23. Dude I love figgy haha that was interesting really.

    kikkosk8ordie's Emeritar kikkosk8ordie Posted:
  24. Justin check out this profile I found of you homey! Its pretty sick!


    radsteez's Emeritar radsteez Posted:
  25. birdhouse is the last comany i would see you on, emerica and birdhouse are like comletely different styles

    cpfsk8er92's Emeritar cpfsk8er92 Posted:
  26. 420 haha thats the shit
    keep rippen

    Karma's Emeritar Karma Posted:
  27. yo i saw some of your parts. you should stuck the shit outa that one old jackass fella and u shouldve smashed your board across the fuckers face that threw u into the wall.
    just sayin...

    matt666blas's Emeritar matt666blas Posted:
  28. hey justin i no u dont no me but im your cousin our dads are first cousins nd my grandpa is you uncle his name is ray.

    hefc1203's Emeritar hefc1203 Posted:
  29. Figgy! got them rails on lockdown!!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:

    birdhouseskates's Emeritar birdhouseskates Posted:
  31. you ripped at gvr 2008. hope 2 see u in lake forest for wild in the streets since it is nearby.

    csean26's Emeritar csean26 Posted:
  32. I really hope "figgy" sees this. I wanted to take this time out to say that there is footage of Figgy beating up an old man for no reason. Figgy is the worst and deserves to fail in life. I hope you never graduate high school. I believe you will be a nobody in 15 years and become a washed-up junkie. you are the reason i hate skaters.

    sunnybone's Emeritar sunnybone Posted:

    dpf5673's Emeritar dpf5673 Posted:
  34. figgy!!! :D love you dude :D keep skating :)

    mariahemerica's Emeritar mariahemerica Posted:
  35. How do you get up from a handrail so many times from nutting it!

    skate59's Emeritar skate59 Posted:

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