another skated night

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tonight is my another skated night, i went out skating with my friends, heaps of people had showed up tonight, there are around 10 to 11 people at the same skate spots, doing just all raw street skating,
one skater got his trucks "kingpins" damaged , another skater got his board smack-to-broken by ollieing something///
My ollie is not fully back yet, im still waiting for it, my next target is getting my 50-50 back...tonight im trying to land a 50-50 so many times, i did almost 100 tries and i've only land one time tonight,shame..
but well..i'll see...next time i gotta bring out my DVs and film,,,by the way im using Sony Vx2100e , i've missed the recharger and some IEEE cables, i just cant wait to film and edit skate video!!!!!!! so may be i can upload the video on this web later , i dont know

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  1. SICK camera!
    its gonna be a skate night for me too

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:

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