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what does it mean when you know your not the same person that you use to know. you want to go back to that person but you just cant?!?!?!?
personality wise anyways..

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  1. just means that you're not so limited by your previous conceptions that allowed you a stasis; that ability to be content with life...
    Nietzsche called it decadence, the ability to make judgements- waste, decay, elimination need not be condemned; they are necessary consequences of life...
    along those lines. more or less like pessimism turning nihilism, it's all a symptom of the mind maturing...

    iluvjerry's Emeritar iluvjerry Posted:
  2. you just gotta live an let die i always say .... life is too short to just b wondern about things do wut u feel cuss ur feelings dnt think....

    deathjunt420's Emeritar deathjunt420 Posted:
  3. it means u r getting older. it happen to me.

    skater11223434's Emeritar skater11223434 Posted:

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