So why did Emerica stop making Reynolds 2's

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I know i already posted up a blog talking about how am all bummed out that they dont make Reynolds 2's anymore. Im just really down on that fact. (If you can find some size 9.5, even used, tell me about em, I'll pay for shipping if I have to. Yup, that desperate for them.) But why dont they? Why cant Emerica whip up another good batch of Reynolds 2's. I mean, a bunch of us want to buy some 2's.

I know its hard to make shoes, cause of having to make the molds and all that mess, but wouldnt it be worth it for both us and Emerica?

Why doesnt Emerica make some more Reynolds 2's if they're so much in demand?

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(9) responses to: So why did Emerica stop making Reynolds 2's

  1. thats true, they are in major demand. but theyre old, theyve had the 3s the new boss and the ar slims, theyre a little old. i had the purple ones in 11 but i can probly find you 9.5 from a friend.

    sumo-skateboarding's Emeritar sumo-skateboarding Posted:
  2. Vulcanized/thin shoes are really popular these days. Original Reynolds 2 wasn't slim so they slimmed it down so they would sell more.

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  3. that just shows it's all about the money. which really bites. because there are people out there looking for good durable skate shoes and companies are only producing what sells. and popular doesn't mean they skate those vulcanized shoes. they just like the look. if a company makes skate shoes they should make good skate shoes. not what the kids in california are wearing to the malls these days.

    emerica4life14's Emeritar emerica4life14 Posted:
  4. oh and dude. i just typed in Reynolds 2's by Emerica in the thing up top there (forget what its called search engine i guess) and i got places like zappo's.com who still sell them. try it.

    emerica4life14's Emeritar emerica4life14 Posted:
  5. Yeah, I searched all over the web, thanks though. I did find some twos but for 80 bucks......that sucks. I dont like the slims though, mine ripped apart all over the place in just 3 weeks of mostly flat skating. After hardflips, tres, and fs flips the damn tounge ripped off. Slims look weak when you put em next to Reynolds 2's. 2's are more comfortable too, really spacey and cushiony compared to slims.

    KoolKabron's Emeritar KoolKabron Posted:
  6. yea i hate when things are "in"

    sumo-skateboarding's Emeritar sumo-skateboarding Posted:
  7. well i mean im sure there are thingss that reynolds wanted to change about the his 2nd pro model, and when he came out with the AR slim i was pyched cause the first ones were to little to bulky for my taste but i like the way they looked, but i couldnt really get a good board feel in em and after the AR Slim came out it just made the shoe that much better...... Now instead of asking em why they stopped making the reynolds 2 why dont you ask em why they stopped making the MJ's ask em that haha

    mercilessmingtony's Emeritar mercilessmingtony Posted:
  8. ^ Because he left Emerica....

    But you can just get Hermans or Circa Allies, they both skate and feel exactly like the original Reynolds 2s.

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  9. that really true. why worry about a shoe thats obviously not coming back and skate something else eqaul to it. and there are shoes equal to it. the circa allies are a good example i really liked everything about them.

    emerica4life14's Emeritar emerica4life14 Posted:

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