Liberty Boardshop Holiday Party 08'

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This might be so notable as to reserve it's own little piece of history in the annals of wikipedia. The Liberty Boardshop Holiday (Non-Denominational) Party is going down this Thursday (December 18) at the Continental Room in downtown Fullerton, CA. Mothers Sons will be opening followed up by a most special headlining performance from Albatross (aka 2 Blunt Tross). Go to his Myspace and download the mixtapes - get yourself ready for sing along status. Special DJ sets by DJ Beef of BLT SOUNDSYSTEM (DJ's BEEF, DIJON, AM180, TVD).

It's a holiday buffet of good ol' rock and roll with a proper hip hop desert.

Are we giving out free drinks - NO! Are we offering a holiday smörgåsbord - NOPE! Are we doing anything other than the bare minimum - HELLS NO! All of us working on the chain gang are broker than broke! That don't mean we can't get together for some good times! We don't have money - but we got each other... (pause - not no homo)...

Make sure to keep it mellow - leave the tough guy shit at home. We're going for good times. There's enough negativity going on out there in the world - keep it chill... keep it chill. That's use of modern slang (generation kush) at it's finest.

Get there early - the place is going to fill up fast. O'connor is planning a dance off and looking for ego pink slips.

The Continental Room

115 W Santa Fe Ave

Fullerton, CA 92832

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