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Damn, I hate trying to say stuff about myself. First and foremost skateboarding is my bloodline and if I am not doing it I am usually in a pretty crappy mood. I love hanging out with my homies and my girlfriend. I guess I am pretty easy going and such but I tend to have some serious anger issues but other than that I am super easy to get along with. I do a lot of digi art and writing and I try to read as much as I can. That's all I really got at the moment so if I think of something else I will post it up! Stay Gold and thanks for checking my page!


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  • hey bud, thanks fer that rant of yours. you should upload some more content!i like the linkin park poster, pretty hilarious.

    brettbrown's Emeritar brettbrown Posted:
  • Nah. i think i just didn't log on for such a long time so they deleted the excess baggage.haha

    brettbrown's Emeritar brettbrown Posted:
  • yeah, new beginnings are the greatest when you don't even see them coming. I tried to log on the other day and apparently i am no longer allowed to on my other user name. strange

    brettbrown's Emeritar brettbrown Posted:

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