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I'm from DSM Iowa. Winter Sucks but it's almost over. I love to skate, film and take pictures.


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  • i hope you bought that sheckler shirt as firewood

    nick58707323457's Emeritar nick58707323457 Posted:
  • See! We're friends!

    jv's Emeritar jv Posted:
  • Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with Kev.

    bryce-man's Emeritar bryce-man Posted:
  • your page is still weak..

    kevsect's Emeritar kevsect Posted:
  • your page is just so everyone knows this girl just bought a Sheckler t-shirt

    kevsect's Emeritar kevsect Posted:
  • Check my DSM blog sis.

    gabebauman's Emeritar gabebauman Posted:
  • hi

    sk84life13's Emeritar sk84life13 Posted:
  • hey

    party-boy-that-hoe's Emeritar party-boy-that-... Posted:

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