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Fuck Around.

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Fuck Around.

This building is right next to our skatepark....It's abondoned, ultimately leading bums to sneak in there for shelter.

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(5) responses to: Fuck Around.

  1. That building looks awesome to take photos in.

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  2. wow
    it looks grate
    i want it ahahaha

    endiih's Emeritar endiih Posted:
  3. start a cult there

    space invader's Emeritar space invader Posted:
  4. looks like a scene from "the Shining" ;D

    Domas!'s Emeritar Domas! Posted:
  5. nice spot ! u could paintball in there xD or build some ramps in there and just skate when thereĀ“s rain outside ;)

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:

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