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  • heyy wats up how r u?

    stonebear666's Emeritar stonebear666 Posted:
  • heYY(:

    birdhouseskates's Emeritar birdhouseskates Posted:
  • just alright? missing SF huh? that's awesome yr moving back though :]
    we should hang out sometime before you leave! :] maybe we can get some nature's express or something ;]

    ughh i'm having the same issue! i was supposed to be in LA by january/february but i'm not sure if i'll have the money by then. right now i'm hustling doing hair at home but i'm not making enough money.

    where do you work grrl?

    alv's Emeritar alv Posted:
  • so hows thw weather out there ?

    dani1191's Emeritar dani1191 Posted:
  • awh yay! :] how've you been? how's school going for you grrl? i've been doing well, just getting my hustle on & doing lots of hair at home 'cause i'm currently unemployed :/ i'm trying to move up to LA with some friends i was supposed to leave jan/feb but i'm still trying to see wassup! & man i knoow it's hilarious i found you here but that's awesome! :D

    alv's Emeritar alv Posted:
  • sade hey! it's christina, remember me? n_n umm, fishy's friend ewh & i used to date jose :/ JAJAJAJAJA!!!
    i found you here! how funny!

    alv's Emeritar alv Posted:
  • WATUP?

    thor24's Emeritar thor24 Posted:
  • hey

    Z@c's Emeritar Z@c Posted:

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What's Dope

'The Ambush' opens this week; Let's check it out!

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Over at Fecal Face.

Jeremy Fish

"The Ambush"
Thursday, February 26th, 2009, 6:00-9:00pm
Fecal Face Dot Gallery
66 Gough Street @ Market St., San Francisco
Thurs-Fri. 4-8pm & Sat- Sun. 12-6pm

On a sad note, I believe I am going to have to take my camera in for a check-up. The flash isn't working for some reason and I have become more than distraught over the past few days. One place: Action Camera SF. I suppose it doesn't help that I'm broke...but she needs a fixin'. Let's hope this goes well.

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