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OKAY so sense I can't think of shit right now this what my friend and I came up with and it's a question answer all questions through my message box and I'll get back to you I wanna do this for fun. Also I will get to know some of my homies better this way. SO PLEASE ANSWER!

1. Favorite City?
2. Best Style?
3. Am Who Should Be Pro?
4. Trick You Want To Learn?
5. Video Part That Gets You Ready To Shred?
6. Waste Of Cash?
7. Video You're Looking Forward To?
8. Brother From Another Mother?
9. Place You Want To Go?
10. Last Contest Run?
11. Best Warm Up Spot?

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(3) responses to: My Q&A....

  1. My answers

    1. Venice Italy...because when you read the name venice it already has the word NICE in it.
    2. Boo Johnson just because.
    3. Keelan Dadd
    4. Fakie laser flips I just barely got regulars ya know.
    5. Anything Kayo wise.
    6. Alot of s*@%.
    7. Stay Gold
    8. Kosta
    9. Barcelona
    10. A year ago
    11. The church 5 stair up the street or any gaps in neighbors lawns and shit.

    madmanv2's Emeritar madmanv2 Posted:
  2. My answers

    1. New York
    2. Andrew Reynolds
    3. Jimmy Carlin
    4. Kickflip big drops
    5. Reynolds in Baker 3
    6. Crap food
    7. STAY GOLD
    8.My homie Julian
    9. Barcelona
    10. I have never been in a contest
    11. Any gaps or stairs

    emericaman5's Emeritar emericaman5 Posted:
  3. 1. everywhere

    2. leo romero

    3. cory kennedy

    4. noille backside flips

    5. heath kirchart mindfield

    7.the stay gold video

    8. is your step brother

    9. i want to go skating

    10. who cares

    11. chino skatepark

    Dion 's Emeritar Dion Posted:

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