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New Questionaire HOORAY

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You know the way this goes:

1. Best Video ever 2. Favorite Am
3. Your Companies 4. Best Shoe of 2010 and Why
5. Person you wanted to be SOTY (but don't get me wrong Leo Romero if Fuckin amazing)
6. Your Top 20 Skaters (you have to list all 20)

I will post my answers last after you post yours

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(1) response to: New Questionaire HOORAY

  1. 1. STAY GOLD
    2. Chris Troy or Sheldon Meleshinski
    3. Baker, Zoo York, EMERICA, Thunder, Spitfire and Infest
    4. Reynolds Classics cause they have great feel and look freaking awesome!
    5. Rieder or Romero
    6. Reynolds
    Rodney Mullen
    P Rod
    Jimmy Carlin
    Chris Troy
    Sheldon Meleshinski
    Geoff Rowley
    Peter Raffin
    Shane O'Neill
    Chris Roberts
    David Gonzales
    Billy Marks

    emericaman5's Emeritar emericaman5 Posted:

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