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My head hurts today. That isn’t unusual. My cousin came over to…visit today. That is unusual. She needed something. That isn’t unusual. She has a cute kid, so it wasn’t a total wash I guess. Cute kids are fun to be around for about…eh an hour or so, but then even she out stays her welcome. You can only laugh at a toddler dancing to a nauseatingly repulsive pop version of a nursery rhyme for so long. Then, of course, your ears start to bleed. Thank God they are gone now. I hope she never reads this because it would hurt her feelings. Then again how could she…she’s on facebook and I am here talking to myself. I like it that way.

I try to focus on things that make me smile.

like my nephew...
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how awesome Louie Barletta is...
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music that i love...
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