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-George Bush & friends.
-People talking to you while you're in the shower.
-the word "ginormous"
-Dr. Phil
-Noun Droppers
-People calling the Atlantic Ocean "The Pond".
-the leisurely use of the word "basically". In reality nothing is really basic.
-Early 80's el camino's.
-Chain letters. and if you dont hate that, you'll have bad luck!
-When people call me and ask for other peoples cell numbers!
-the theme song to M*A*S*H*.
-croc footwear and Uggs.
-nascar. driving in a circle.
-when girls wear jeans with no back pockets.
-novelTEE's (novelty t-shirts)
-the phrase "i miss your face" ...stupid.
-the show i love lucy. horribly annoying.
-who the fuck is "Joe Six-Pack"?!
-Sarah Palin.
-that shitty blade on saran wrap that never cuts straight.
-Grown men with pony tails, that put the pony tail thru the hole in the back of a hat.
-Howie Mandel.
-the word "guesstimate".
-CAPTCHA's ...where the fuck is the upside down crooked capitial "R" key?!
-exotic pet people.
-the song Sweet Caroline.
-crowded parking lots.


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