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My name is Mark, I'm 34 and from Exeter,Devon in the U.K.. I have been skating for as long as I can remember, I love skating parks, concrete, minis, banks and kerbs and whatever else I come across. All time favourite skaters include; Dressen, Cards, GSD, Sean Goff, Gonz, Fos and Tom Penny amongst others and my brother and my friends. When I'm not skating I like to play bass, shoot photos and video and tinker with Garageband.


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  • Mark, What is your last name? (I need it to write on the package.) Also, do you like Sonic Youth or any kind of noise rock?

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  • Argh! Sorry, I totally forgot about that. Please give me your street address again (I can't find it) and I'll package up your surprise.

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  • "Will you be adding a picture of the new Krooked board? I have been skating one and loving it. There are pictures on my page."

    I'm stoked to hear you like my Krooked deck. I should add a photo of it soon. What's your address? I have a gift to send you.

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