Life is good

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I'm having a great day and am going skating after I heall up my hand at acupuncture. I talked to a great friend, my girl Meatloaf, over the phone last night for about an hour and twenty eight minutes about lots of cool stuff. We talked about my problems and how I should throw out ny one hitter since I already quit smoking weed. She explained how she was in a shady situation while staying in NYC so I asked her where she lived in FL and found out she was a town awau from my homie I rode on the same board company, Versatility, with. I want to go down there to shred and chill with my home-girl Meatloaf. I told her even though I'm vegan I want to have some of her meat loaf ;) That sounds so wrong but it really isn't I am talking about food lol I never really had it before!

I just got out of acupuncture and I feel great. My hand is healing from me crashing it into a wall corner and splitting the tendons a bit haha. It is a really pretty day out and i just like the birds chirping. Time for dubstep! So I want to learn tre flip blunt tre flip out. I have no idea if I can land that. For now it is going to be dope be ause at five I am seeing the Death Wish crre. Chyeaaaaaaaa manngggg. It's time to shred. I probably will do some yoga if I evet get around to it but I honestly just want to skate.

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