Go Skateboarding Day NYC 2007

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Go Skateboarding Day (2007)

Now this is one of those days that I will never forget. I remember it not because of any tricks I did that were huge, or anything amazing that happened to me. I remember June 21, 2007 was a school day, and was in fact, the last day of school for my 8th grade year. I remember the night before; I could hardly sleep, and I was overwhelmed to be skating with thousands of other kids just like me. I remember a lot about this day and I certainly won’t forget it any time soon.
I woke up very early, and called my friend Rob. He came to Lyndhurst from two towns away in East Rutherford, and we met up on Park Ave, which is one of the main streets going through the three towns. We went and caught a train. I remember the board, trucks and wheels I was using that day, oddly enough, even though it happened over a year ago. I was using the original red Baker my friend lent me, my Marc Johnson Thunder trucks, pink autobahn wheels, and rush bearings. Not that it all matters, I just thought it was funny how I remembered all of that so well.
We got into Hoboken by train, and I remember perfectly how the Path trains we were taking into the city were filled almost completely with skateboarders left and right. We all were stoked and were looking forward to the day to come. When we got into New York, we skated our way to the Brooklyn Banks from the World Trade Center path station. I remember it was about 10:00 AM and that there were about 100 kids there already!
The sky was clear and the rolling white puffs in the sky cleared before 1:00 PM came. Carving the banks was so pleasurable and doing some wall rides while waiting for the rest of the crowd to show up was awesome. I was meeting kids from everywhere. I remember my good friend Jarrett finally arrived and he had everything ready in “skate mode”. He went right to the 10 rail with no warm ups. He did at least 7 or 8 tricks over the rail. He ollied it, melon-ed, indy-ed, tail grabbed, cannonball-ed, kick flip, front side 180-ed it, and front side flipped it. He thought the front side flip was sketchy, and maybe it was, I was in awe. I never saw him so determined and I couldn’t believe how many tricks he threw down in 20 minutes. I was trying to ollie it. I was actually really nervous and scared about clipping the rail. If you’ve ever skated the Banks and saw that rail, you’d know that clipping it would be the scariest thing. It’s a long way down.
I eventually came up with an ollie, but did it sketchy. I was so excited I landed on my board that I ran back up so quickly up the bank, I ran into some kid, and his board’s grip tape smacked me in my thumb and it gave me a nice finger bruise. That killed the mood quickly, and I didn’t try it again. It was time to go and all of the big crew of thousands of skaters was led by 5 Boro’s owner, Steve Rodriguez. He had a nice big megaphone and was directing the kid’s to go from point A to point B. We went from the Brooklyn Banks to LES, which is under a bridge in China-Town. It was honestly like a concentration camp in there and there was no way I or anyone else had an easy time skating the area. It became a pain so I gave up after a few tries at skating toward the pyramid to do a trick. Too many snakes resulted in many unhappy kids and a waste of turns. I hate snakes. (people who can’t wait their turn)
Eventually it was time to go from LES to this one flat ground spot called Tompkins. If there is any spot you don’t ever want to go to, it is this spot. Unless of course you enjoy skating nothing but flat ground. Some people like that so I can’t argue with it, but I thought it was boring. There was 1 box, 1 flat bar, and over 1,000 kids. This wasn’t going to happen. I remember sitting and drinking a nice bottle of soda sitting in the shade while watching a big bunch of skaters trying to skate 2 pathetic obstacles. In my opinion, there was no reason of going here, but that wasn’t my decision.
After leaving that spot, we skated to the Houston park, which had a street bump to garbage can, and people would do tricks over it. Jarrett, from before, killed that, and did some tricks over it, like a backside 180, and some grabs. He has monster pop and I am glad I got to see him rip up this spot too.
We left to go to this ledge to rail, and I remember trying to feeble it. I didn’t lock in and I cracked my board in the middle but hardly enough to notice. I was a little mad. My crazy friend who I have been talking about a lot of the time, Jarrett, took a scooter from a random kid, and went on the ledge, pushed, and did a grind with the scooter on the rail. It was really funny and everyone was laughing at that one. I remember a lot that he did because he was so independent and so different from everyone else there. Also, he was one of the sickest skaters there by far.
One thing I remember was that he went to smoke a cigarette and skated down the block, and the whole pack of kids followed me and him and it couldn’t be stopped. The left the spot for no reason and literally thought my friend was pro. I was laughing at this scene and I won’t forget how 1000 little kids followed my friend when he went to smoke a cigarette.
Anyway, back to skating, the whole crew went from Manhattan to Brooklyn and I won’t forget how we skated over this giant bridge. The Williamsburg Bridge which we as a giant skating stampeding, traffic stopping family rode over the bridge. I remember how some kids would “die” on the way there. I remember this old guy on a bike got in my way and was coming from the other way from Brooklyn. He had a temper issue and kicked my board the other way. Some kids saw him do it and pushed him off his bike. That was hilarious and pretty much made my day. I got my board back and we all kept skating. That bridge eventually turned from a steep hill going up, to a slope that dropped down in a slow rate and we all gradually picked up speed. I had to watch left and right for kids. I am pretty paranoid when it comes to skaters and if I can trust them or not being so close while skating that fast. I made it to the end and we were all finally in Brooklyn.
I remember I lost my friend Rob for practically half of the day or more, and it was so hard to find him when he was just a blur in the crowd. I found him in Brooklyn and we all went to KCDC for some pizza and sick mini ramp demo skating. 5 Boro’s skaters, Some of the Hoboken Locals I skate with a lot, and some other sick ams were skating the KCDC mini. That thing is steep. I remember I snuck up on it and chilled up there. It was so fun doing that. I remember trying to climb up the back of the ramp and I got a major cramp in my calf from being so dehydrated. A big crowd surrounded me and I was on the ground for 5 minutes.
After that, we waited at KCDC because supposable there was an award for the best skater of the day, which Jarrett was hoping to win to get some cash. Sadly, the contest which was in fact going on that day, mysteriously vanished into the wind. He didn’t win any money, and he was pretty mad. I would be too if I skated all day at my hardest and was going to win cash, but all of a sudden, nothing happened. Even though he didn’t win anything, he ripped the hardest out of anyone there, and I am sure a bunch of other people could agree upon that.
The day turned to night, and we took a subway from Brooklyn to the Path station, and we finally went back to Hoboken. I remember waiting for my train thinking about the day and how fun it was, and finally I caught my train.

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