I got sponsored!

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I finally got sponsored over the summer. I now have a board sponsor! Versatilityskateboards.com

Now if you want to know how sponsorship works, and if you want to get sponsored here's the scoop

1. Don't just ask the company. don't be like, "Hey guys I really want to get sponcerd i can kicflipp sometimes. what tricks do i need to learn to get sponcerd?" NEVER DO THIS!!!! dont! you will look like an idiot and it doesn't do you any good.

2. Try to get to know the people on the team, or the people in charge. If you really want them to consider you, make sure you're good enough, and just ask them if they're interesting in sponsoring you, and say that you really are interested in their products. Make sure you have bought there products and actually used them. don't just ask a random company to get sponsored even if you have never used their products.

3. Don't just send a company a video and leave it at that. IF you do send in a video, MAIL IT no myspace, no online. they don't take that into consideration, even if the video is amazing. mail in a nice DVD disk, or even a full tape, and im sure they wouldn't mind watching it.

those are the 3 main things that can help. just have fun, and when you truly do need a sponsor is when you can't afford shit, and you don't want the sponsor just to be sponsored, but because the people think you deserve it enough.

remember! have fun skateboarding, and don't give up.

if you want to support my sponsor and me, go to versatilityskateboards.com and check out the stuff, and if you want to support, buy something... there's not too much on the site now, but soon we are getting a bunch of sick shirts and decks with some other accessories.

thanks for reading this

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(2) responses to: I got sponsored!

  1. dude props to getting sponsored.

    and thanx for the advice.

    i was wondering whats the best approach to getting sponsored.

    but one question.

    ok now that your sponsored by a company or whatever.

    do they expect you to enter a lot or any contests?
    or mainly what do they expect of you to do?

    or is it just skate and wear their products?

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  2. congratulatons man!
    thats awesome that you get free product now!

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:

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