I just finished my sponsor me video

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It's top secret though, since most of the footage will be used for my part in a skate vid that's coming out fairly soon, but, I'll post a link to that when it comes out.

Anyway. Teams I want to try sending footage too.

Rush Bearings.

Payless shoes. nah jk haha!

Dekline shoes

any wheel company, probably pig wheels or something. I'd try bones too just for the hell of it.

Think Skateboards, and if that doesn't work out I'd love sending Tum Yeto a sponsor me vid since I love Toy Machines.

NJ Skateshop, which I already sent a vid to and I gotta go back and see what they thought.

Other than that, I would be more than happy to even get feedback on my vid from the company/ies. I just wanna see how my vid is, just so I can get an idea of what I can improve on when I go out and film more. I would love to pick up even just one sponsor though, and I haven't been sponsored for a long time, not that it matters too much, but being sponsored definitely does help. Plus, demos are sick, and just being on a team with some kids or having some type of crew is sick. It doesn't matter though. I just wanna keep it real and support real skateboarding companies. I'm sick of shops around me closing down because a Zumiez at a mall is taking away their business, or something like that. Even more than that, I just wanna skate and be able to have shoes on my feet and a board under it at all times. I don't think money should ever be a problem. Anyway, that's all, I haven't posted a message or put any stuff up on the site on for ever. so if you're reading this and wanna say what's up hit me up yo! lol

Aight, peace everyone. Go out and skate (unless it's mad late out) haha

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(something that is top secret... lol)

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  1. sick good luck

    skatelov's Emeritar skatelov Posted:

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