I'm sorry,

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I watched spongebob today and quite honestly it freaked me out. Patrick's sister was so ridiculesly huge and Squidwards house was destroyed. Patricks sister then broke the bus and left. Very interesting episode. I just want to get away from the institutions. Fuck the government for lying to me. Fuck the system. It's all washed up. We need to build skate spots everywhere we stand. Cars suck. Hop on your board and skate to the spot. Don't be lazy. Take a bus instead. So awesome. I hate cars, they smell funny. Rosa parks stood up by sitting down. John Lennon sang and guess what he got his brains blown out. This world is sick and needs a cure fast. It needs to wake up or else. I don't speak lies. I'm sick of being poisoned by my own family. Did you take your meds, did you take your meds. FUCK NO I DIDN'T BITCH. IT's OVER I'm MOVING OUT YOU Sons of bitches. I have no heart. My veins bleed ice blue. I'm done with society. I am destroying your rules once and for all. Step one, the government blows. 2. Money is made out of paper. 3. Most of you are carbon copies of other skaters steez. 4. I graduated high school in 3 years yet my dad calls me a knuckle head. 5. I'm breaking a lot of world records today. 6. I don't ever need sleep. 7. I hate and I say damn the system. 8. Trains and buses should be 100% free paid by taxes just like health insurance. 9. Ishod Wair made a skit like it's all pretend. FUCK YOU BRO, I'm sorry I am who I am now get your sick mind out of the gutter, I'm sorry for that. I'm a star. I rock harder than Charlie Sheen. This is not a mutha fucking joke get me some sun glasses because MY EYES SET FIRE. I'm going on a fast until world hunger ends, this planet is disgusting.

This is not a joke I am a professional hue man being. I am everything and nothing and exploding with know ledge skate the ABC ledges because Division East Represent, where all my homies at, we skate the crustiest spots in the united states of reform.

Guess what, I like turtles and my parents are evil because live = rush = back off of my life, no I did not take my meds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJQAYYZ8A4g This is the united states of Emerica. Now go skate or else your life will catch up to you. This world is disgusting. It sickens me to the core. There is no need for religion. It's all too fake. STOP LYING TO ME. I am the jedi of truth and I speak for you all. Stop lying to yourself and get up and go out and skate like never before. Earth Shiver, earth quake, we gonna make the ground shake.

Mo no skate flow, shred spots, your wheels burn, they're burning hot, standing in the audience, wishing for another chance this world sickens me and I'll drop a bomb shell to big for it to see.Blog Image

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