I'm writing a book

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Story: Almost Fiction/[untitled so far....]

Thesis/Main point to get through: The dreams of a healthy average highschool student, who is doing well, soon loses track over the summer, after smoking marijuana, and realizing it opens doors to horrors he never could have imagined, tearing him apart from his social life, and family life, and almost killing him, as he then searches in hopes to find peace of mind, and get away from the nightmares he has been perpetually endowed in.

Pt 1. : The Summer.
-Life style
-First time smoking marijuana
-End of summer experiences
Pt 2 : School Starts
-Feelings in school
-Noticing differences
-Lacking motivation (might be in pt 3)
Pt 3: The lonesome Quiet winter
-Sleeping tremendous amounts
-I can't breath
-First experience of sleep paralysis
Pt 4: Leaving and suicidal thoughts
- Wanting to drop out/ leave the great school he is in
Pt 5: Nightmares and sleep paralysis increasing
- Nightmare begins to affect school and mental wellness
- They go on almost every night, when I close my eyes.
- Trapped in space and time
- Panic attack in school being transferred into.
Pt 6: The Springtime calmness
- Panic attacks subside, and all dreams feel more peaceful, with less and less stress.
Pt 7: Finding peace of mind.
- Out in the sunny open, no more school, no more panic, almost gone, until next school year...

that's it for now. I'm gonna try to finish this by end of summer latest. I hope that I don't slack at all.

let me know if you think it's interesting enough, or if you want to know more.,......

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(2) responses to: I'm writing a book

  1. I think it will definately change peoples minds about smoking marijuana.

    vaskater13's Emeritar vaskater13 Posted:
  2. It's not gonna be about marijuanah, it's sorta more about this kid who is just struggling, and really questioning everything, and it's just like weed is just a little thing involved in the story lol. i gotta start writing this though

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:

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