Maloof Money Cup

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Bump Skateboards, my board sponsor had a tent shared with Underground Skateshop at the 2nd Anual Maloof Money cup. I just got home a bit ago from the first day of the event. It was awesome. I saw Johnny Layton walk right past me. I saw Manny Santiago impossible lip a rail, and kill the 9 rail at the course. I saw Ryan Descensss go crazy on everything because he's really good. Greg Lutzka... Killin it. Figgy... Dope! Westgate cruising when I went out to watch him, but cruising with steez x 400. Adam Dyet... My favorite skater... Oh man, Oh man he is so good at skating hubbas. He did switch heel flip noseslide, nollie bigspin to back tail, and well, he's too good at flip trick to back tails. Nollie cab to back tail. Dang. Well, I got to skate this little course that was set up for the kids watching, and I triple kickflipped off this bank and won a spot in a contest tomorrow. I impossibled this ^ (a v with no middle) and learned cannon ball front 180's. I saw a lot of cool people and had an awesome time. so many skaters in one place is always interesting. I had a blast today.

Tomorrow I'm supporting my homie TJ Hernandez as he competes in the AM contest, and for me... I'll be skating in a contest for best line, probably for some $.

With winning 100$ in a best trick contest with a kickflip 5-0 down a wooden 3 block hubba, I can surely say winning money is awesome. Landing best tricks is awesome too. Now to practice lines... I just gotta get creative. I don't care about contests though. It's what evs.

I'm going to smoke a lot of weed. Catch ya later.

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This Lizard King face from the CCS tent ended up in the toilet... It was very relieving taking a wizz on Lizard Kings face. He looks like he was enjoying it too...


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