The best day ever.

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By: Mike Weckstein

The best day ever

Today was the best day ever. I just feel exhilarated and I am extremely happy about how fun today was. First thing in the morning I was sore and tired, I went right away to get dressed. I put on my pants got my wallet, phone, Mp3 player , my skateboard and got some cash from my dad. He dropped me off at the bus stop so I could get into the city. I went to catch my bus and felt really relaxed on the ride there. I was cool and calm. I looked out the window and saw the brisk blue sky watching over me. I loved how it was so nice of a day already. The sky was clear and I knew today would be a good day.
I got off the bus and let out into the rush of pedestrians and looked for my friend Brian and Mike. I met up with them at this candy store and we went up to the subways to catch one going into Brooklyn. We went to these ledges to skated. The ground was amazingly smooth and it felt like we were in Barcelona and at an exotic skate spot with perfectly waxed ledges. I got a nice line there. I went up and did a small manual on this ledge, did a heel flip, then went and did a smith, and closed the line down with a front crook. I tried another line but didn’t get it and we decided to leave. Mike got a nice line there too and we were off to another spot.
We took a path back into the busy lively borough of Manhattan. We walked to Brooks brother’s and went to eat. I didn’t eat of course, because there was no food for me there I could eat. I waited there, and we wanted to film at that place, but it was loaded with people eating and sitting during there “breaks”. Since they were in our way we left while we could to go skate a new spot. Mike, Brian and I went to the “Philly Step” as John calls it, and skated it for a little while some guy who was eating lunch talking on the phone doing some kind of “business” was on the step in our way, and we couldn’t skate there. I really wanted to switch crook the 3rd step but it wasn’t my day for that. We left soon after waiting and went along the river towards battery park.
Brian and Mike took me to the ferry and we caught it for free to Brooklyn. The Ferry ride was absolutely beautiful. It felt like I was floating on a cloud in literally perfect weather and an edgy breeze to top that all off. I was really thirsty to the point that my lip stuck to my teeth, but I was fine for now. I was having a blast sitting on the top part of that ferry and we were looking at the scenery taking some pictures and such. After that 20 awesome minutes we arrived ashore by the Ikea in Brooklyn.
I was really thirsty so I left them to run into the store to drink a ton of water from the fountain which revived me and my dried out system. I was replenished and ready to check out the awesome “waves” they talked about that we were going to skate. I got there and I was so stoked. The waves were perfect wooded roads about 2 feet wide each, and there were 3 of them. They would go up and down and up and down, and looked like a giant wooden roller coaster, and when you road on them they made a thudding sound such as “dgugugugudduddududd” if you’ve ever road a skateboard on a board walk or any kind of wooden deck you would be able to vividly depict the sound. Anyway, it was amazing how fun they were and Mike quickly saw a sick line to do a trick on there. He ran off, pushed to get speed and went for a trick from one bump over to the side onto the next bump, almost like a double transfer from one road to the next and from the bump up into the bump down. I had to skate that with him and we both tried our different tricks.
I was trying to do a kick flip and he was trying to do a front side shove-it. I thought his trick was way better to be honest, but that’s not what matters. We tried our tricks as Brian filmed us and it went very interestingly as we battled to land our tricks. We got hungry about 45 minutes into filming so we went into the Ikea and Bryan got more food. Previously we walked into a store where Brian mischievously took a plum and I coped 2 green tea bars with nuts and other good stuff in it. We ate and I got some more water from the fountain. I usually don’t eat much when I skate which is fortunate because I usually eat a lot otherwise. We chilled in there and conversed for a little until Brian finished his cinnamon bun. We walked back to the spot.
Brian set up his nasty looking camera and we went to start skating the spot again. He whipped out his vxqzy 100000 or what ever you would like to call it and got back to work. Mike and I kept trying our tricks and we saw a ferry coming in after a couple tries of unsuccessful lands of our tricks. Brian or Mike, I forget who, Suggested we should leave now, I said we shouldn’t leave until we both got our tricks, and they agreed.
Mike and I were trying are tricks still and were coming closer and closer every try. These tricks are ones you’d want in a video part for sure. All of a sudden we saw some skaters come out of the ferry, and thought, ok here’s some hopefully cool kids that will not get in our way filming and that will be good at skating. They came closer and when they finally arrived upon us, we knew were extremely surprised. The last thing we’d expect; Joey Pepper, Dennis Busenitz, Tim O’Connor, and Some other sick dudes, A photographer I’m sure is from a big magazine, and this sick filmer I’m sure Brian knows the name of all came down and greeted us. I was extremely surprised and happy at the same time. I wasn’t nervous and I was having so much fun already that there was no reason to think about anything. I just kept trying my trick.
All of them skated so fast, like they had super speed bearings, and they all ripped hard. I saw them doing awesome speed lines and they were ollie-ing from transfer to transfer in every single way. I was absolutely dazed by their skill and risky speed lines. As I kept filming with Mike, the pros there were extremely polite about letting us go when we had a chance to run up to go for our tricks. I didn’t know how nice people could be while at the same time being so cool. Keep that in mind that those to things go hand in hand. Anyway, they all were fun and every time we did something, even just getting a nice speed line or ollie-ing off the side nicely they would give off a little cheer for that. It was awesome. I kept trying my trick but couldn’t ride away. I wasn’t getting hurt, but I couldn’t get a good clean ride away. Dennis was trying to back 5-0 this up and down part of the wooden road and was coming really close. He’s a beast I must agree. Some guy, who’s name I cannot recall, did a huge ollie over a double hump, which is a HUGE gap, if you decide to take a ride to the spot I am talking about.
We kept trying our tricks, talking with the pros about random things, and having a blast. Tim O’Connor must be one of the funniest guys I’ve ever talked too and was talking about how he got totally wasted and was on the pot in the bathroom with the door wide open puking his brains out and the fact that his buddy caught that on film and showed it to him. Tim said he did not recall any of that. I think he is a riot and is one of the coolest funniest dudes I’ve met. He definitely was nice too. I kept trying my trick more and more, to the point Brian had to put in a new tape. Mike and I kept on battling the trial and error to land our tricks nice and clean. I landed it finally but it was sketchy. Brian said to do it again. I was thirsty as a horse so I went to drink his sprite till he told me to get a new one for him. Mike and I walked over there to the Ikea and poured some nice cold water. We were getting drained from not landing our tricks.
Mike and I came back to the spot and all the pro were still trying their tricks. I tried my trick a few times and I told Brian, “Hey I’m tired and I think that one I landed will do for now, so lets end my session with that”
Brian told me, “I hope your not mad or anything, but I got distracted and I forgot to film it when you landed that. “ He told me he was really sorry and that he felt like a jerk.
I told him it was ok and that it was no big deal; What does one sketchy kick flip he forgot to film matter when it comes to me just simply trying to do a cleaner one. Mike was coming close to his front shove-it but kept catching it up-side-down. I really wanted him to land it. I was catching my kick flip clean and high but I kept kicking out or deciding to not land it. I road away a couple of times but fell off or rode off the side of the wooden ramp.
Our ferry arrived and we had to catch that one. We had a good 10 minutes before it left. I tried to land it and when I was coming back, Brian told me, “Hey Mike, we have to leave soon so lets film this another time.” I told him I had to try it another time. I went back to go and get speed, and I ran off, pumped through the camel humps, and felt something in me absolutely have to land this kick flip. I popped it nice and high, caught it in the air, and stuck it bolts riding away into the sunset and into the ramp. I felt so happy I landed it and jokingly told Brian “I hope you filmed that one!” I was so happy I got my trick and didn’t get hurt at all.
I was skating back to Run up, and Tim was there, and he gave me a high-five and said “That was sick dude” I definitely felt happy, landing the trick or not, and the fact that I got props from some awesome dudes. It was time to go of course, and I decided to say bye to all of the pros. I went up to them while they were sitting on the pier and I said good bye and I went my separate way.
Now I had to catch up with my crew, and I literally skated as fast as I could to catch the ferry. We met up finally and the ferry didn’t leave. We were the only 3 people who didn’t get on the Ferry yet, and Brian was arguing for justification on the fact that we had to get home and the security wasn’t letting us on. Since I have good excuses, I told him we had to get home and that we were already on it before and to let us get on even though we weren’t 18 years of age. He let us on and that was that. Speaking of excuses, we almost got kicked out of the wave spot, but Tim and I told the guard that we had permission to skate there and that we had no reason to sue, and of course would be careful, and the security left quietly and we were safe for the time being there.
All I can say, while closing this little story I have going, is that Today is one of the most fun days I have had in a long time, and that I really enjoyed how beautiful the weather was. If you want to learn any lesson out of this whole story of mine, my lesson to you is to have fun, and don’t let things get you down. Don’t worry about being sponsored or jumping down a 15 set and flipping into a hard rail trick. That doesn’t matter at all. Who cares. Is breaking your bones really worth it. For some it is, and if that’s you, hey good luck with that. The last thing I can tell you is that I didn’t jump down a single thing all day and I still had more fun then I ever have before. I learned a lot through my experience of skating and this is one day to remember. If I’m ever feeling down or sad, I will make sure I can picture how happy today was and that I did what I did. Thanks for reading my little story and go out and skate!

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