What is the worst slam you have ever taken?

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I'll start off with mine.

I was skating at this skatepark in hoboken nj, and i was skating the 6 foot mini there, and i was skating super good, so i tried a high fakie poptart (lock up for the ghetto kids) and i went to go back in, but my back truck completely locked up, and i slammed from the top, straight down to the bottom on my head, my hip, and my arm, and i was fucked. i went home right after, and slept for a week basically. lol

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  1. for me it was when i was 13 or 14. i had my first offical board that i got for my b-day, a zero jamie thomas board that went up to my hip. it was really long for how short i was.
    so i was out in the front of my house and i tried a premo flip and i racked myself right in the middle of my sack. it made a deep cut and i was screaming in tears. my friend helped me inside and i had an ice pack on my crouch.

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  2. the thing that really sucked is when it started to heal the cut would stick to my boxers real good and i would have to pour water on it to pull it off.
    and having a scab on your sack blows.
    i have a pretty white long scar on my sack from the incident since its heal.
    so that was mine.

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  3. ive had a lot of pretty ba dfalls but the worst was proly whenI was skating thisrampand ledge set up.
    it was a 3 foot tall ramp with a 10 foot long box at the end of it.
    I had ollied iover the end box and done some grabs over it....but then I decided to front 180 it.
    I tried a couple times and had some minor bails but when I fully commited and really tried, I lost control in air and when I tried to bail, my foot got suck and I hit the ground on the side of my face and fractured my wrist.....also a concussion from the head hit

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  4. When i was like 12 i was skating a zero thomas cross deck i traded my old Wal-MArt boars for (YES it rocked ) i ollied of a curb that was like 3 ft hightried to kick the board away credit-carded it right in the junk sience my leg were too short to touch the ground all my weight slammed on the end of my board which was being stabbed into my nads i crawled up on the curb held my junk and cried i rolled over there was a lady in a car laughing at me. SUCKED

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  5. i was skitchin on this car and i let go to go off a kicker and it just got bad..... i screwd up in the air and wen i landed i hit gravle and skinned my arms, legs and face... i had 3rd degree or worse burns from the road... luckly didnt break anything but i almost died from not skating for soooo long....

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