What i listen to. . .

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What i listen to. . .

here are some bands i listen to

2 Pac, 30 Seconds To Mars, 311 999, A.D1984, Acme Sewage Co, Adam & The Ants, Action Action, The Adicts, The Addix, Adrenalin, Adverts, AFI, Afrika Bambaataa, After Forever, Aiden, Albertos Paranoias, Alesana, Alice's Inferno, Alien Ant Farm, Alkaline Trio, The Alley Cats, All Time Low, Alternative TV, Amber Squad, Angelic Upstarts, Angelspit, Anti-Flag, Antisocial, A Perfect Circle, Arctic Frost, Art Attacks, Atrix, ATV, ASP, Auntie Pus, Automatics, Avant Gardener, The Avengers, Avrigus, Axidents, The Bags, Basczax, Bastard, The Bears, Bee Cee Cee, Belsen Horrors, Bernie Torme, Blanks, Bleach Boys, Blitz, Blitzkrieg Bop, Blondie, Blunt Instrument, Boomtown Rats, The Boys, Bullets, Buzzcocks, Cane, Cash Pussies, The Casualties, Celia & The Mutations, Charon, Cheetahs, Chelsea, Cherry Vanilla, The Cigarettes, The Clash, Cockney Rejects, Cock Sparrer, The Cortinas, Combichrist, The Crabs, Cradle of Filth, Crass, Crime, Crisis, Cuban Heels, Cyanide, Cybermen, The Damned, Dancing Ferret, Dangerous Girls, The Darlex, Dave Goodman, Dead Boys, Dead Fingers Talk, Dead Kennedy's, Deaf School, Defiant, Delain, The Deleted, The Delinquents, Demolition, Demon Preacher, The Depressions, Desperate Bicycles, Devo, Dictators, DMZ, Doctors Of Madness, Dole Q, Dope Stars Inc., The Drive, Drug Addix, Drug Squad, Dyaks, The Drones, The Drills, Eater, Echoes of Eternity, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Electric Eels, Elton Motello, Emilie Autumn, E Nomine, Entwine, Epica, Epileptics, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, The Exile, Exorcist, The Fakes, Fenzyx, Flowers Of Romance, The Flys, The Freeze, The Front, Fruit Eating Bears, FX, The Germs, Generation X, Good Missionaries, Great British Heroes, Grigori 3, Grinder, Hammersmith Gorillas, Headache, Heartbreakers, The Heat, Henry Essence, Holly & The Italians, Horrorcomic, Ian Dury, The Idols, In this Moment, Innocents, Intravein, The Jam, The Jerks, The Jermz, The Jets, Joe Cool & The Killers, Johnny Curious, Johnny Moped, Johnny & The, Self Abusers, The Jolt, The K9's, The Killjoys, King, Lacuna Coil, Last Words, The Lazers, Le Ritz, Leyton Buzzards, The Libertines, Lightning Raiders, Living Daylights, Lockjaw, London, London Cowboys, London SS, Lurker of Chalice, The Lurkers, Luxound Deluxe, Machine (Coventry), Machines (Sarfend), Magazine, The Maniacs, Martin & The, Brownshirts, Macbeth, Matt Vinyl, MC5, Meat, The Mekons, The Members, Menace, Metal Urbain, Misspent Youth, The Mistakes, Model Mania, The Models, Moi Dix Mois, Motorhead, The Mutants, Nazis Against Fascism, Neo, Neon, Neon Hearts, New Hearts, New York Dolls, Nightwish, Nipple Erectors, The Nosebleeds, The Now, Nuffin, Nuns, Olivia Lufkin, Open Sore, The Ordinarys, The Outcasts, The Outsiders, The Panik, Passion Killers, Patrik Fitzgerald, Patti Smith, Pere Ubu, Penetration, Plastic Bertrand, The Physicals, The Pigs, The Plague, Plastix, Poisonblack, The Pork Dukes, The Prats, Predator, Prefects, Pseudo Existors, Psyclon Nine, Psykik Volts, Public Zone, Pure Hell, PVC2, Radiators From Space, Radio Stars, Rage Against The Machines, Ramones, Raped, Razar, Red Letters, The Reducers, Revenge, Rikki & The Last Days, The Rings, The Rezillos, The Ripchords, Roses Are Red, Rowdies, Rudi, The Ruts, Sahara Farm, The Saints, Satans Rats, The Scabs, The Scars, Schoolgirl Bitch, Scrotum Poles, Security Risk, Sex Pistols, Sham 69, The Shapes, Sick Things, Sirenia, SITD, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Skids, Skinflicks, Skrewdriver, The Skunks, Slaughter & The Dogs, The Slits, Snatch, Snivelling Shits, The Sods, SOS!, Spitfire Boys, Spotty Dogs, The Spurts, The Squad, Stage B, The Stiffs, Stiff Little Fingers, Stinky Toys, The Stoat, Stormtrooper, The Stranglers, The Straps, Stream Of Passion, Studio Sweethearts, The Subs, Suburban Boredom, Suburban Studs, Subway Sect, Sub Humans, Suicide, The Surprises, The Sussed, Sonata Arctica, Swell Maps, Switchblade Symphony, Talking Heads, Tax Exiles, Television, Personalities, Terry & The Idiots, The 69 Eyes, Theatres Des Vampires, Theatre of Tragedy, The Birthday Massacre, The Sisters of Mercy, The Table, The Tickets, The Tights, Therion, Transvision Vamp, Trash, Tristania, UK Subs, Ultravox, The Unwanted, U Samples, The Users, V2, The Valves, Velvet Underground, Vermilion, Vibrators, Vice Creems, Vice Squad, Victim, Victimise, Vile Bodies, The Violators, VNV Nation W12 Spots, Warsaw Pakt, The Wasps, Weirdos, Why Control, White SS, Within Temptation, Wire, The Worst, Wolfsheim, Wreckless Eric, X, Xandria, X Ray Spex, XS-Energy, Xtraverts, Zach De La Rocha, Zeroes, The Zips, Zombie Girl, The Zones, And A Lot More

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