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My name is Jon Smith haha no lie. I'm 15 and I've been skatin basically for 3 a d a half years. I'm not in a skate crew I just skate with everyone who's down, but I am going to have a part in my friends crew's video dropping in March.....ish.

I plan on one day becoming a professional skateboarder and owning my own shop so I can give the next generation of skaters a good starting point to get noticed.

I love the Hsu. it's us hands down my favorite shoe ever made. I hope one day I can meet the emerica team as apro skater or even better as a team rider.

And Stay Gold was amazing, go buy it and if your local shop still has it throw out twenty bucks more and get the limited edition with the book. It's soooooo worth it like you have no idea.


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