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I'm 14, i love my girl, skating, rap and reggae. I've been skating since i was like 9 or something, but i kinda just got into it this year and last year. my top 5 skaters are andrew reynolds, lizard king, mike mo, antwuan dixon, erik ellington.
My Deck Setup:
~Enjoi deck.
~Plain white wheels(hard).
~Shake Junt bearings.
My account name on youtube is nickskateandlove


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  • Bryan Herman
  • Andrew Reynolds
  • Kevin Long
  • Jerry Hsu
  • diiiego
  • valentina
  • Braydon Szafranski


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  • aha yeah i use to be good. but not so much now. it's alright though. i'll get back on smoetime..
    but uhm, my bro might be pro soon so watch out for him :) his name is tyler mutha fucking gill!

    katiegill's Emeritar katiegill Posted:
  • i know i forgot to write ellingtons part

    emericaman5's Emeritar emericaman5 Posted:
  • i use too all the time. Me and my big bro. but i just havent in a while. Why?

    katiegill's Emeritar katiegill Posted:

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