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Backk with the jumpoff ... not really.

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i [heart] Emerica too much to stay away, lol. truth is, i havent been skating much lately after GSD (which was pretty wack). i'm going away in a month so i'm trying to get my time in.


ts like 8 in the mourning so not much has happened yet.

I can't sleep like normal people, I woke up @ 3.

Today after I woke up, I made my self a sandwich. Then I decided to catch up on the skate world, visiting my favorite sites, QuarterSnacks & Official New York. QuarterSnacks gave me some vids to watch for a while and then I just started account hopping on youtube for skate vids. I also checked out the City Skateboards "What The F*ck is a Bachinsky" video, nice, it was fun to watch.

This definitely got me in the mood to skate, i've been really lazy lately. So the plan is to head to this new skatepark pretty close to me. I plan on pushing all the way over there which is a big deal for me ... because I'm lazy. When I get there i'll see what my friends or up to, hopefully i can meet up them, if not, i'll just skate. So in a few hours i'll hop in the shower, then skate over to Allerton and see if I can find this spot.


p.s. those Reynold Lights are lookin' sweeeet.

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