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BTTB & Manny Mania

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uhh didnt have much fun @ Back to the Banks. but I dont blame the contest, I wasnt paying much attention. Ended up hitting up LES for a while before heading 'Back to the Bronx'.

Manny Mania was excellent though. i couldn't even list all the pros that came through. But heres who came out on top:

first: Joey Bresinski (sp?)
second: Brandon Biebel (for the second time in NY)
third: Chico Brenes

Joey killed it. Biebel definitely held it down, spent most of the day in the switch stance, nuff said. I wanted to see Tim O' Connor land that manny fs heel out, no dice.

I had a brief convo with Theotis Beasley & hes mad cool, real humble. I also got to talk to Stephan Janoski while he initialed my Janoski Ventures, he was psyched about 'em. & I though that was really cool.

I stealthed my way into the "vip" area, got to chill less than five ft from koston & steve berra. knocked back a few redbulls & nasty ass redbull colas. flipped a couple. skated through chinatown to st. marks for those dollar zaa's. got a ticket for $75 for a dumbass move on my part but it totally wasnt worth the drama. COPS ARE DICKKKS. I was heated but stayyed out super late skating court & just chilling.

Good day turned badd, then kinda ok.

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  1. fuck them hogs son

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:

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