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Flashing LIGHTS.

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^creative fcking title son.

anyway .... i just sent out my entry for the Reynolds Lights My Fire! Contest, procrastination is a bitch. Hopefully my school actually ships it before the 1st. I'll check up on it tomorrow, I need that post-mark.
I'm proud of it but I wont post my scan until the 1st so that the swagger jackers dont get any ideas haha ... i really hope i place though. I'm pretty sure the work is gonna end up on a pair of insoles, that woulf be fuckin sick.

[skate stuff]
I've been practicing boardslides & ollie mannys @ the student center. i really have some issues with the ollie manny's, if anyone has tips or little tricks that go on in there mind, feel free to fill me in i'd appreciate it. might help, might not, who knows. :]

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