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Last Week.

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i was too lazy to post but some crazy shit happened ... well ... unexpected.

I went down to my local skate spot, 161st courthouse, to meet up with my friend who want to film some stuff. We were supposed to go to queens, ended up not going anywhere. When I got there, fckin Rob Dyrdek was there. I understand that skaters or just people, this is why i didn't spaz out & start asking for his autograph. I just didnt see it coming. To me if non-skaters know who you are, your high-profile, and why would you want to come to the bronx, lol. It was Dyrdek, Josh Kalis, Malcom Watson & Jack Curtain (Rodney Torres & Eli Reed were there but they're what i like to call "local pros"). They were in town for the DC demo. When pro's come out to New York, they do their event & maybe hit up some manhattan spots, but it's unlikely you'll see them around.
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Anyway, he's cool. He started out real quiet & humble then he started playing s.k.a.t.e. & the trash talk came out, lol. Blog Image
Two of my friends beat him, so now they have bragging rights Blog Image
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It was a cool day. Oh, and i did get some footy for my other friend, we briefly hit up the ramps @ the nearby skatepark. Myself, I landed a few kickflips & took a few pictures

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  1. wow. cool fuckin shit yo..damn that was lucky.

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