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uhhh WHAT?

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I never posted my entry for the contest so here it is.

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lately, I've been chillin', getting over college life. totally missing my home in the BX, even though I'm here right now for the weekend.

I haven't gotten the chance to hang out much so far so i haven't skated my favorite spots in about 2 months, sucks. Left my board this time around or I probably would've gone out this weekend. Skating as soon as i get shit done for school.

Im definitely excited for the Battle At The Berrics check it out, I'm regretting my bracket now but I have to stick with it :P


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  1. jeah. thats tight..i dig the way u wrote THE BOSS..yea the battle at the berrics shud be amazing .i picked joey B. to beat chad tim tim, but wull see how the rest plays out.

    get out there and skate!!!

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:

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