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Wild In The Streets

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I posted the info in a a few comments but some ppl may not believe me so heres the flyer for u fools, lol
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start: BROOKLYN BANKS @ 1 get there earlier if ur antsy
end: KCDC

i know i personally cant wait so i'm counting the seconds
see ya there!
stay gold.

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(4) responses to: Wild In The Streets


    graymccarty's Emeritar graymccarty Posted:
  2. Briana that was posted on the internet MONTHS AGO it cant be it. the wild ride teem page says the info will be given out a few days before the event. this flier was posted on the internet in May. this is just the main new york city go skateboarding day celebration not wild in the streets. It even says in a caption that the event coincides with wild in the streets which means its on the same day but they're different events.

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  3. so far its the only info on the internet. still hasn't posted anything, i think its safe to assume that that's the starting point. y would they split up the skaters in ny if they don't have to.

    Bri from New Yorkk's Emeritar Bri from New Yorkk Posted:
  4. emerica is also listed as a sponsor on the bottom

    Bri from New Yorkk's Emeritar Bri from New Yorkk Posted:

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