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I am a 23 year old Photographer/Graphic Designer who skateboards; designs tshirts, takes glamour photos, and does touch up art. I own my own business; and am just starting up. Looking to affiliate myself with Brands and products I grew up using; and admiring.
I want to focus on the Youth aspect of my business; and The youth love and admire the independence and creativity of skateboarding; that's why I gravitated towards it early on in my life. I look forward to moving towards more success as time moves forward; but finally am enjoying doing my own thing, having full creative control.


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Its been a long road; But we've finally managed to get on board, and now the hard part. Networking.
I have so much to talk about; So much going on, Its going to be an amazing.
Right now; Its pretty much just me, Oliver. Producing, photographing, designing, and hyping the shiz all over the place. We have a few models in the works; still awaiting a time to shoot.
In the meantime; I'm posting My model wife, and I to get the ball rolling.
I have a few projects in the works for promotion; One being a pretty sick T-shirt Design, and a few spotlights on a few Local skaters to pump up the industries who will hopefully look into my work, and help promote a few of my friends in the process. I will continue to forever do Glamour Work; as its easy and appealing to investors.
Hopefully Down the road we will pick up some sponsors to model clothing; and accessories soon. I've got big hopes; and well I can take no for an answer... alot (i'm married for gosh sakes).

My w3bsite is: http://www.wix.com/oliverwillsaveusall/obliviousproductions
And if you have facebook; add me at: Oliver Watkins

Tanks my ninjas!

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