A skater livin in a haters world

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We don't look, act or think like your kind were a whole different breed were the solders of a different battle field the fields of concrete we spill our blood and break some bones we appear raged like some kind of freak are arms and legs have the scars each one another story the riped shoes and the dirty hands full of torn skin not one looks alike we all have a uniekness but we share the love of skating even when there is haters and posers out there the people who think skateboardings a stage or a disease that were all punks and need to be stopped while the posers who dress it but just smoke weed and don't love it the way we do because when we fall we just get back up we fight on we are the solders of the street we will skate on

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(2) responses to: A skater livin in a haters world

  1. amen brother
    im so pissed that everybody thinks that all skateboarders aretrash drug addicts who hate lifeand are just little punks who must be stopped at all costs...
    I hate it
    I just love skating because its not a sport that requires a coach or a uniform,
    just a love to do something different and have fun...
    whether it be chillin with friends or having an amazing session at the local shop, its just about fun and living your life the way you choose.
    We are skateboarders, let us skate
    mind your own business and stop considering us as a whole as the lowest rank in society
    just skate

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  2. man thats deep.
    "skaters, not the lowest rank but the highest,
    most people when they fall they give up
    when we fall we get back up and try again and again, we should be role models because we never give up, not worthless trash."
    -John Poltrock

    are scars are our lifes stories

    amen me brother.

    (Good-Bye)'s Emeritar (Good-Bye) Posted:

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