Bodacious To The Bone

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Bodacious To The Bone

Got bit inspired by Chris MaLouf's pic after lookin over some old Thrasher

B-O-D-A-C-I-O-U-S, yeah?

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(34) responses to: Bodacious To The Bone

  1. thats a sexy boned ollie hahah

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  2. black belt ollie

    jgonzalez's Emeritar jgonzalez Posted:
  3. thats more steeze than my ollie


    7teenagesmokers's Emeritar 7teenagesmokers Posted:
  4. dats super sexy!

    darius's Emeritar darius Posted:
  5. Thnx dis pic is sick dis boned Ollie is rippin wen yu qonna make a vid.

    Yerrpp I Sk8 's Emeritar Yerrpp I Sk8 Posted:
  6. wow really sexy ninja boned ollie ahahahahah

    petipaskate's Emeritar petipaskate Posted:
  7. damnnnn baked potato!! that's one hell of a steezy ollie.

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  8. how the lanta do you bone it like that??!

    Kenny Girard's Emeritar Kenny Girard Posted:
  9. really?

    sayleeaaannnn's Emeritar sayleeaaannnn Posted:
  10. Hell ya!

    jademan's Emeritar jademan Posted:
  11. please teach my girlfriend how to be a b0dacious chicka like youu! baked tater ur awesome///

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:
  12. ninja status!

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  13. clean! XD....

    mhm props bustah!!

    johnnysteezy's Emeritar johnnysteezy Posted:
  14. fukin sick

    enjoilover's Emeritar enjoilover Posted:
  15. thats like 100 times better then mine lol nice

    rangaskater69er's Emeritar rangaskater69er Posted:
  16. I was there to witness this.

    RICHIE's Emeritar RICHIE Posted:
  17. bad asss! how the fuck?? please explain!!! =]

    sbbre's Emeritar sbbre Posted:
  18. so siqq

    thezombiechild's Emeritar thezombiechild Posted:
  19. what the fuuuuuuuuuuck. that is niiiice!!!

    rhinoroper92's Emeritar rhinoroper92 Posted:
  20. what a boner.

  21. too sweet!!!

    tomatomypotato's Emeritar tomatomypotato Posted:
  22. I'd like to call "FAAAKE" but I can't. Well done.

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  23. 0_o Sick

    Vlad's Emeritar Vlad Posted:
  24. perfect...

    Display name:'s Emeritar Display name: Posted:
  25. Nice... = D

    leh!;)'s Emeritar leh!;) Posted:
  26. Not only are you hot but you bust this kind of sickness!?!? Rad!

    jademan's Emeritar jademan Posted:
  27. nicee ollie :)

    Anomalist Doom's Emeritar Anomalist Doom Posted:
  28. thats crazzzzy ! :O

    robin-hood's Emeritar robin-hood Posted:
  29. DAMN! O_o

    hrca's Emeritar hrca Posted:
  30. that so nice
    how did u ...
    marry me

    blastkid's Emeritar blastkid Posted:
  31. thats how we do it yow!

    AUTOBUS's Emeritar AUTOBUS Posted:
  32. how do i look at this its too sick!

    emericaman5's Emeritar emericaman5 Posted:
  33. holy shit! maaaad steez in that boned ollie! :)

    kennedyakers3's Emeritar kennedyakers3 Posted:

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