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Hey u guys, I am a skater from Salt Lake City Utah and Im from the same place as Lizard King. One of my favorite shops is Milo of Bc. My best trick is a frontside varial heelflip which i can only land some of the time. My favorite obsticle are boxes, rails, and jumps. I am mostly a street skater but i suck at stairs except for the ones under5. My favorite sk8ers are Ryan Sheckler, Mike Mo, and P. Rod. The people that i want to be sponsored by when i get good are Nike sb, volcom, kr3w, chocolate, bones, and royal. My favorite things to do are hang out with my friends, sk8, play basketball, and chill with my gf. Also in the winter Utah is like the best place to snowboard and ski but everyone knows that the really shiz is boarding.


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  • the sad thing about the video im working on is. ive only have recorded the first part. im really lazy at comitting to anything, but i plan to rap it up within a week. maybe sooner.

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  • yeah. it was a joke.

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  • toddy like bugs but bugs dont like toddy

    pop-shuv-hombre's Emeritar pop-shuv-hombre Posted:
  • silly pogo pogos r for kids

    pop-shuv-hombre's Emeritar pop-shuv-hombre Posted:
  • u skate enjoi.

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