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The first time I saw Jesus on the news I had trouble recognizing him. His face was very much the same as how it had been imagined to me by the billboards and posters that I had been raised around, but very much unlike the familiar portraits I had seen of the deity, Jesus had a very short haircut. His hair was only inches longer than the bald chin that I was so accustomed to seeing a long and unkempt beard attached to. Nonetheless, the caption on the bottom of the television screen informed me that any guess as to who was being interviewed by the newscaster other than “Jesus Christ resurrected by a miracle of Cloning Technology INC” was incorrect. Jesus wasn’t saying much, and it seemed that he had trouble answering any of the questions that they gave him. The doctor who was almost solely responsible for this “second coming” said that Jesus would get over his lack of speech in a matter of weeks, and that it was only one of the many side effects of the cloning machines difficulty in dealing with the aged DNA strand collected from the Turin Shroud.
I couldn’t wait to hear what Jesus had to say. I’d always believed what my parents had told me about him, and in what it said in the Bible. I had faith in him, but now I didn’t have to.
As much as it confused the mass of people, Jesus Christ was very unhappy and could find no rescue or refuge from his sadness. Not even by talking with his father. It was as if something very vile was polluting the air of this land where he had once dwelled, and his prayers couldn’t be heard through the thick mist. He talked to no one and was lost to the world on many occasions. When he was finally spotted again, after days of hiding, it would be in some foreign land that people hadn’t often heard of. People, as always, had differing opinions. Some would cry out all day long “Let him alone! He needs time to scourge the Earth of the presence of evil before he may begin his teachings!”. Others would say “Jesus isn’t what they said he was! Can you not see this? Look at all the pain and strife and war and abortion of human lives before they’ve begun and murder amongst the youth and perversity in the places meant to be holy and sacred! YOUR GOD HAS RETURNED, AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED!”. It was a devastating time for all. The one they worshipped, had turned his back on them.
“Must I die again for your sins!” he shouted at the angry congregation of people surrounding his chair. “You have broken the law! You have ruined everything! You have made me too weak to speak to my father, and now we are all doomed.”
Years had passed since the excitement of Jesus’ return, and the world was left in a wake of death. The wars had ended because of his arrival, but the reason they did not start up again was because the anger of the universe was directed to the one man whom they thought could help them, but wouldn’t. Finally someone said it “FAKER!” and then “PHONY! Your not my Jesus! You’re a fake! The real Jesus wouldn’t bring us news of doom, the real Jesus is the prophet of Peace and he saves his people, just like in the Bible!”. And then she threw her Coca-Cola on him. His beard had grown out again and his hair had exceeded its familiar poster length. The women knew that he was not a fake. They all knew he was real, and they all knew that they had doomed themselves.
Jesus had seemingly only just arrived, and moments afterward he was dead. A person, just like any other person, had killed him. The person was tired of the way Jesus’ sadness made his wife and children cry. Jesus was the Parasite that sucked the hope from the face of the Earth, and the killer was the frightened and startled victim who merely thrust the parasite from his body to save himself. However, the victim had already lost too much essential blood, and his death was assured. Witnesses didn’t care and felt nothing when they saw the lifeless man bloodied on the steps of the church.
The news reported Jesus’ death on the same hour as the scientists death who had brought him here. The CTINC building was destroyed as well on that very same day. The human race never experienced the glorious return of Christ, as they knew they wouldn’t. They also knew that the scientist himself couldn’t be the sole carrier of the blame. They had fast forwarded the master plan of their creator and had destroyed the prize that had once awaited them at the end of their existence, but they had done it together, and over the course of thousands of years of advancement, but that didn’t stop them from postering the face of the scientist up in front of every “post no bills” sign they could find. They needed the temporary relief that it gave them to be able to unify and place the blame of the death of their lord on one universally hated dead mans shoulders. They rather rapidly declined into a very “modern stone age-ish” society with no hope whatever. They knew that their insatiable lust for a continuous technological advance was the sword that they had stabbed their Bibles with, that they had stabbed their Jesus with, that they had stabbed themselves with, and that they had stabbed their God with. All hope was lost.

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