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im 13 years old and im a sk8er from salt lake city. My favorite sk8ers are Chris Cole u gotta respect him for tre flippin wallenburg and Andrew Reynolds. My favorite thing 2 sk8 are stairs and boxes my favorite grind 2 do on boxes are crooks but i only land them half the time. My least favorite sk8ers are Bam and Ryan Sheckler


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  • oh my bad

    skateboii's Emeritar skateboii Posted:
  • hey i dont kare wat mr frizzle says i will do wat i want

    pogo247's Emeritar pogo247 Posted:
  • wuz up do u know how to write back or what

    skateboii's Emeritar skateboii Posted:
  • it was ight

    AidanRowland's Emeritar AidanRowland Posted:
  • wuz up i dont even know u

    skateboii's Emeritar skateboii Posted:

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