Early Bird Special. (Just Cause)

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Right now, it's 5:15 and I just woke up and already ready to skate. I've been doing this for a while now and it feels so great, skating in the morning's chilly air, still dark then the sun starts coming up. It's fucking dope man. But I made this cause it has been awhile since I've been on her, and just to update y'all (Which to ever who reads my updates) on what's been up. I'm still in love, still skating, getting high, chilling, hanging with the neighbor hood kids, and waiting for Stay Gold to come out! Ahaha. Well, peace and remember... Stay Gold.

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(6) responses to: Early Bird Special. (Just Cause)

  1. u skate early in morning too thats kool. i do that most of the time it feels relaxing to me skating in the mornings.

    jordanleader93's Emeritar jordanleader93 Posted:
  2. u think in true way guy,start new day with your wood baby thats cool

    pollyeah's Emeritar pollyeah Posted:
  3. u know ,shet u are maaaaaan,peace foryou

    pollyeah's Emeritar pollyeah Posted:
  4. word man i woke up at 6 am to skate a vert park to get the hang off it i was done with the sesh at 1 pm thinking it was like 7 pm

    chrisogando's Emeritar chrisogando Posted:
  5. Well u the guy dont get a turd i see, but I wouldn't lift my lazy bum early to skate coz i sucker i think

    pollyeah's Emeritar pollyeah Posted:
  6. i want to u guys,so far away from this fucking russia place,bring me with u,these no places to skate and now its to cold ooohshit

    pollyeah's Emeritar pollyeah Posted:

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