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I'm a skateboarder from Vancuouver,WA. I love Emerica. I have the Reynolds 3s right now.I'm 13. My current setup is a Deathwish Ellington Deathspray deck 7.75, Thunder Trucks, Zero Asylum wheels 51mm, Zero hardware, and Lucky ABEC 5 bearings. Skate or die!


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  • sincerely... NO!!!...
    but almost all of my jeans are opened on the knees or some places in the legs... but at least they still " a live"... but that´s true, THAT SUCK!!!...

    emerican's Emeritar emerican Posted:
  • yea!!!... i have a getz one, it has a frog on it, its green prety cool... i so the silas one too and it´s soo rad!!!!...

    emerican's Emeritar emerican Posted:
  • YEEAAA!!!!... and, how it is it???

    emerican's Emeritar emerican Posted:
  • that´s good!!!, you are on the good way!!!...

    emerican's Emeritar emerican Posted:
  • eemmm, i gess... i have 5 years skating!!!!, i can do all the frontsides and backsides with flip and heelflip, hardflip inward heel... almost everithing!!!, but i steel learning tricks!!!, just keep busy and practice a LOT!!!, i continue skating like 4 or 5 hours a day... it´s just practice!!!...

    emerican's Emeritar emerican Posted:
  • YEEAAA!!!!, it´s hard to find an habitat lover this days!!!!, just great!!!!, and how about your tricks, what can you do now???

    emerican's Emeritar emerican Posted:
  • YEA!!!, i think it´s the best board you can find, well there are other ones really good... but i just like that one more... and preatty good team... have you ever seen it???, sooo good!!!!!

    emerican's Emeritar emerican Posted:
  • aaa, i use HABITAT science many years ago!!!, i am using gall´s deck, and i just like a lot the photo were you were using an habitat shirt!!!, YEA!!!!

    emerican's Emeritar emerican Posted:

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