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I wonna know if it's any good to learn old school anymore.
I'm not looking for a sponser so don't say...
"companies will frown upon your style"
But old school entrigues me :)

Today i landed a NoComply Impossible... you know... Mike V's impossible

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(4) responses to: Hey

  1. *Intrigued

    Old skool is good, alot of skaters choose newer tricks these days than OS tricks, from what I see anyway, so it's different.

    de-dragon's Emeritar de-dragon Posted:
  2. man, learn what you want!! just skate, it's not all about sponsership, seriously just go skate!!!

    punkpossum66's Emeritar punkpossum66 Posted:
  3. Let's all learn each other how to correctly spell "Sponsor", alright? Enough with the 'sponser' already. Grab a sponge.

    It doesn't matter what's considered "good" or not. If it's fun and feels good to you, then it's good. Go out and pull some Boneless Ones.

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  4. i think oldschool-style is great but for OS-boarding you need a great control of your self and disipline because its means a lot of time to learn it but if you would like to learn it... do it

    der-gaerter's Emeritar der-gaerter Posted:

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